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the very best punk band ever, they rockmysoxoff. its a shame they arent as famous as good charlotte, because bad religion could teach good charlotte a fucking lesson about being a band. bad religions not about the clothing labels or making as much fucking money as possible.
punk rawkinest band around
by punk as fuck May 23, 2004
The best political punk out there. After 25 years, the balding band is still holding their own on the Warped Tour, and Brett Gurewitz is sexier than ever.
Bad Religion is smarter than you.
by Lady Pain February 28, 2005
One of the coolest punk bands around who date back to the 80's when punk was still punk, instead of a trendy way to dress or some other Blink 182-listening poser-bullshit.

After 20 years in the industry, the band members have receding hairlines and still truely know how to rock!
"Hey you, is there something worth aspiring to? And can it be found in a record store? well, its not there anymore. Just think of all the things we did we were different, just like all the other kids.
Missy was a teen blue video star,
Tom took his life in his mother's car,
Milo went to college but you knew about that,
Rodney played our records,
Jimmy started riots,
Laurie was always quiet,
she was battling depression...
Hey you, is there something worth belonging to? And can I pick it up for a song? Or a diploma or a worthy cause, well, let me tell you that there's nothing wrong, its just that ones like us will never belong..." - Excerpt from Bad Religion's "You don't belong"
by True_Punker January 02, 2005
Like just about everyone else has said... the best Punk Band ever. Hell, forget labels. One of the best Bands ever. All those poser bands coming out now-a-days don't even compare and it makes me sick how little recognition Bad Religion gets. Known for their inspirational and political lyrics, Bad Relgion is the r0x0r.
Bad Religion is Punk, not Blink 182... or Greenday, but Bad Religion.
a punk band that was started in the early 80's and combined intense rhythms with harmonial voacls and thought provoking songs.
How Could Hell be any worse?, Suffer, No control, against the grain, generator, stranger than fiction, the grey race, no substance, New America, The Process of Belief.
by Do you care? March 28, 2003
An old style very political punk rock band. Bad Religion is one of the greatest bands EVER!
Bad Religion songs: "Atomic Garden", "Automatic Man", "Anesthisia", "You Are The Government", "Generator".
by Sabrina Lorentz May 05, 2007
LA based punk band that you either love madly, hate passionately or find exceedingly dull. Their songwriting team consists of a UCLA life science professor, and the president of Epitaph Records who tend to use a heightened and advanced vocabulary when coming up with their poignant socio-political and pseudo-philosophical lyrics. Their lineup also consists of some of punk rock's finest musicians including Greg Hetson of Circle Jerks fame, Brian Baker of Minor Threat/Dag Nasty fame and Brooks Wackerman from Suicidal Tendencies. They have been around for approximately twenty eight years.
"Look around and ask someone if you are alive,
you're a sidewalk cipher speaking prionic jive.
So, I give you me,
I give you nothing!"

-- "Give You Nothing"

Me: 'prionic jive?' Must be a Bad Religion song...
by Boxcar1565 February 05, 2008
Best fucking band still out there. Second only to the immortal CLASH.
You hate Bad Religion? Chainsaw meets neck
by punkx017 August 09, 2003

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