A word almost singlehandedly championed and developed (and overused) by Ian Bowman. Describes everything from Ian Bowman himself, to the actions of... that badboy.
"Hey badboy!" (Said to greet Ian Bowman.)

"Check this badboy out, Dawg!" (Said by Ian Bowman before performing Hapkido Move.)
by Tyrone Wheately December 15, 2004
a horrible pimple
Me: OMG wtf is that on your face???
You (giving sad look): it's just a badboy
by MckPeter September 06, 2009
a young playa, and I listen to P.Diddy come and wip my ass.
a young hustla.
by oz April 11, 2004
The worst record label out there. If any ya'll listen to this bad boy shit, ill personally whoop ur ass
Bad Boy and P. Diddy should just get back to their gay porn like they use to.
by Danteezy Fo' Sheezy September 17, 2003
People who are attracted to good boys.
"Oh, you're a bad boy, aren't you?"
by handle187 November 07, 2003
One of the most successful record labels in the world. Many people hate it because of the 2pac/Biggie, West-East feud but think about this all u haters. WHat happened to Death Row? Exactly. At least Bad Boy is still around. Oh and I listen to Bad Boy, so come get me Danteezy Fo Sheezy.
Death Row lost Pac and Dre left and they fell apart. Bad Boy is still goin strong though.
by P.Diddy rox u July 18, 2004
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