You know Rihanna?

Hell yeah, Rihanna the bad bitch who doesn't give a fuck.
by yum39302 March 02, 2012
A female that cares herself as a bad (as in hot) young lady , & will SPAZZ on you in a second.
I was in the mall , & you couldn't tell me i wusnt a bad bitch.
by -SWAGGGG October 11, 2011
a female who has everything together. Takes care of herself and her man. street smart and book smart. Must smell good 24/7, cook good,clean good, works it good. owns her own shit. must be a ridah and no less then a dime peice exercise everday.nice skin. doesnt bitch and is just down ass chick. perfect body with manners in the street but a freak in the bed. Model type.
Damn that girl is a ridah...deffinatly a bad bitch. I bet she cook me some chicket right now.
by big poppa247 May 20, 2008
bitches that aint shit
Did you meet any bad bitches at Fridays on Friday night?
by Master of Architecture March 05, 2009
a female that is exceptionally attractive. Usually has the best shoes, clothing, and accessories on. Most of the time knows how good she looks and how good she looks..
Damn, that ho a bad bitch, get at her man!
by Jahjah2013 July 11, 2010
is a female who does everything on her own and doesn't depend on no one. it is a female who's always fly and on top of her game , meaning shes always on POINT with her appearance ! she's a lady at all times and doesn't worry bout anybody but whats her's! there are only to ways to be classified as a bad bitch 1.your name must be Emily 2. and you must have on top of your game at all times!
Oh look at Emily, shes on point today like every other day .. now that's what you call a BAD bitch!
by MiMiSbadddddx3 June 26, 2010
a bad bitch is a chick that is down to do whatever for her dude and she have that i don't care attitude towards any and everything.
A person like Bonnie and Clyde.
by Tashiria August 03, 2005

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