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Something that will cost you a lot of money; about $800 to $1200...maybe more. More than likely, you will be leaking transmission fluid, which is reddish in color. If this is the case, your in trouble. In other words, if you have an older car and it's not worth much, just sell it for scrap. You're fucked. My car will not switch gears anymore, therefore, I have a bad transmission. I'm fucked. Take care of your car.
Me: I was driving yesterday and when my car shifted into third gear, I heard a clunking noise. That was the hardest shift I have ever felt. Is it a bad transmission problem?

My buddy: Dude, you're fucked.
#transmission #transmision #transmisson #tranny #pos car #pos #piece of shit car
by Andrewww October 23, 2007
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