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Ill-behaving cheese sent to destroy cows now that they've discovered cows don't treat them like daughters/sons.
Hank: "wazzup with the cheese man."
Tarnik: "it's bad cheese."
Hank:(laughs) "we should put it by a cow and see what really happens."
Tarnik: (has unrealistic revelation about a cow encountering bad cheese and the world being turned into a war between cheeses fighting over the cows now that the cows accept their mother/fatherhood.) I'm going to eat this american-fuckin' cheddar cheese before this gets outta hand"
by Bryant Schroepfer December 20, 2006
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Bad Cheese is defined as highly odorant flatulence, or beefy defication.
Dude, do you have bad cheese??? That fucking reeks.


Fucking hell, my bad cheese is brutal! My ringpiece is burning.
by Jughead McAnus January 02, 2009

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