The car, or cars that a person allows to go faster than them on a highway or interstate in order to draw out cops.
Passenger: Dude why are you letting this asshat pass you?

Driver: Don't worry, I'm just using them as a Bacon Beacon
by Lpowell13 November 07, 2013
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that one poor guy in your school who all the fat and ugly chicks get crushes on, and is too nice of a guy to say no to a date with any of them
Jack: poor dave man. hes going on a date with kelly tonite.
Jacob: the 200 pounder?!?! dudes such a bacon beacon
by skitches101007 January 30, 2007
a police siren, namely, the lights of the police siren.
"omg dude you better slow down, there's a bacon beacon behind you!"
by amy [theblush] February 23, 2008

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