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Somebody that attracts large numbers of cops/police aka bacon or pigs. You do not want to hang around this person under ANY circumstances!!!! A bacon magnet will typically be stupid as fuck, engage in criminal behavior that is so obvious that it's a wonder they are not already in jail for life. The Bacon Magnet will likely try to rat you out if caught by the many cops after him/her. Homicidal thoughts towards or about the bacon magnet are normal and should be keep in check because remember there is always somebody with less self control and they will curb stomp this mother fucker eventually. The average Bacon Magnet is also a ONE way first class ticket to a federal pound-me-in the-ass prison... seriously never hang out or even go within 300 yards of this person. They will mooch off of you if they can and steal from you. If they somehow get your number or address I suggest changing numbers, moving out of the country or just killing yourself to get away.
John:Hey did you here about that kid that got caught for stealing a backpack somebody left in the bathroom.
Joe:Yeah that guys a Bacon Magnet, there weren't even witnesses or security footage seeing as it was a bathroom

John: I know right I guess he stole it like last Tuesday and they questioned him today and the cops tricked him into confessing

Joe: Yeah what a fuck up if he ever found out where i lived I think id just kill myself.

John: yeah me too thats really the only way to get away from someone like that.
by johnny hg July 13, 2011
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