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A problem caused when dirt from the face leaks to the back area causing the horrible sight of acne, but on the back. Usually found in dirty, tall male's, but is also very contagious, so can be found on small peoples eyes.
Gary: "ahhh Andrew you have a massive nose and chin!"

Andrew: "ahhh Gaz you have bacne and a smaller penis than your brother!"

Gary: "aww"
by Nukeye October 06, 2009
2 11
Acne, on your back.
'YAY! its b'acne day! and to think i was going to wear that lovely back less number. polo neck it is then...i love summer.'
by Roxy Starr December 15, 2005
605 59
Zits on a person's back.
Ewww check out his bacne!
by Jenny February 23, 2004
351 76
Back-acne, acne on the back
Her bacne is so bad that she cannot wear a strapless dress.
by Anne June 16, 2003
259 59
Acne on someones back, male or femele.
Man, that dude has serious bacne!
by spermfarm July 29, 2005
182 70
the disturbing acne found on a person's back...not to be confused with chacne which is found on the chest
I don't like to watch Snitsky wrestle due to his excessive bacne.
by Innasense January 27, 2005
86 47
a large amount of acne on ones back
It took me two hours to pop every single pimple on my back. This bacne is gross.
by gaymen December 03, 2002
59 38
When you have a whole bunch of zits on your back you have 'bacne'
Did you see Zacks bacne!?!?
by Moose69 July 25, 2008
23 6