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Anyone who stands over your shoulder as you use the internet, directing your internet(s) navigation

No, I don't want to check out this totally amazing video on youtube. Stop being a backseat surfer douche bag.
by Ardouche January 28, 2008
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A/the person standing behind you, trying to encourage you to click on a Youtube link that they want to see.
"Nooooo! Save Two Girls and A Cup for your own time, you back seat surfer!"

"Aww. I don't want to be Rick Rolled again. Quit being a back seat surfer."
by The Mar June 20, 2008
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Someone who leans over your shoulder with his dick up your anal passage, dictating which porn picture on the gay website you should click next
Oh yeah oooooh click on Gary, click Gary you biatch I am about to shoot hot yoghurt up your ass
CLICK GARY or I will spank your ass with this rubber cock
ok ok keep it there a picture of Gary oh yeah look at his big hard nob of rock, Oh I want to suck that lump of beef. Am I a real a real backseat surfer OR WHAT ?
by dick the perv January 31, 2008
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