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1. describes someone who has swag
Joe: Yo man, do you see that chick?
Tim: Yeah, she's backpackin
by higuys. October 13, 2011
8 0
It means that something is awesome or funny. A new word to define something awesome.
John: Wow that concert was pretty backpacking
Sue: Yeah it was!
by Kye28 October 08, 2011
19 7
1. Fucking a girl in ass while on a hike
2. Done by mounting on a female back preferably

3. Corn packing the beef (Iowan's yeah i am talking about you)
Last night me and Morgan went fishin and then she started backpackin me.
by R2DoMe, DarthInvadeHer October 03, 2010
6 13
Find a girl to give you a piggy back ride and stick your p in the b and have her run around the room.
Heidi and I went backpackin' last night in her parents room.
by draginwagin December 11, 2007
0 8
When Niggaz Stay On Ya Dick Or Be Alwayz All Ova Ya, On ya Back,

People who Will Alwayz Be Behind What You Say...Groupies

#1-p1.-Last Time I'm Gonna Ask you, What Did You Do last Night?
p2.-Nuthin' Y'all You Just Need To Stop Backpackin'

#2-He Backpackin', He Know You Suck....
by Nicey, Boy Kid Fresh June 26, 2006
2 24