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1.)A gay man
2.)A straight man OBSESSED with anal sex
3.)A man who loves back doors
1.)"Look at that back door lover and his little poodle. Poof."
2.)"I'm what you call a back door lover. If it's not brown, i'm not down."
3.)"He seemed like a nice guy until he saw my back door...then he changed completely"
by Rory McMoose May 01, 2005
Back door love can mean two things: anal sex, which "back door" can be your anus. It can also be a lover (male/female) of a married man/woman.
"I'm your back door lover/ creepin' in when the lights go off..." Song lyric from Josie and the Pussycats (movie)
by VintageDetour August 12, 2014