When an awkward or uncomfortable situation makes you cringe so hard you break your back.
When Greg walked into the conference room for the interview he was wearing jean shorts and birkenstocks. The interviewee cringed so hard he heard his back break. Greg's look was a real back breaker.
by within December 11, 2013
Top Definition
A man who is good in bed. One who likes to have hard long sex.
"ooh, girl, he damn near broke my back last night."
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
A term, and/or description, of a woman's breasts that are so large that they literally "break" her back.
"Damn ! Look at that chick's tits...hope she's got a good chiropractor cuz those are some backbreakers."
by Rob, a.k.a. "Shaggy" October 24, 2006
when girls with no ass arch their backs in selfies so much to the point of spinal damage to look like they have one.
girl #1: hey did you see clare's new instagram pic?

girl #2: yeh haha she looks like she was doing a back breaker.
by sickbantermateahahahabanter October 06, 2015
A baseball bat(or any club like object) which has had a hole drilled in the middle and a metal pipe, bar, or metal powder/dust placed inside and the hole sealed shut. The purpose is to increase the weight and rigidity of the weapon.
Bobby owed the boys up on coronado some money, so they came after him with a back breaker.
by Wolf89 December 25, 2005
Backbreaker: A hottie, or beautiful woman. In a trauma in which someone breaks their back, priapism, or a spontaneous erection, can happen due to swelling of the lower abdominal area due to the fracturing of the lower vertebrae in the back.
Damn bro! Did you see Holly last night in that mini skirt? She is such a backbreaker!!
by JohnBinSB May 25, 2007
A sexual performance where the man is engaging in sexual intercourse with a girl through her anus. As she is penetrated fiercefully, she will begin to moan. One the moaning begins, the man simply slams her in the back with a sledge hammer.
One of my personal new favorite sexual fantasies is the back breaker. I love seeing her bones shatter to dust!
by RiOdO April 17, 2006
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