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1. The abbreviated term for"tobacco"

2. slang for "radioactive material"
1. ED: hey man, hows it goin my homie?
RICK: Fine. Hey, you got any 'bacco?

2. ED:you hear about that guy on the news? crazy bitch is messin with 'bacco.
by wildferret2004 February 18, 2006
a crazy, frog-like human being, that will Bacconize you into a beef stroganoff
I was walking down the street when suddenly, a bacco bacconized my dog and ate him.
by baccolicious April 28, 2011
A fat ass. They also can be fatter that they r tall.
Carl is baccos and a wuss.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
Derived from 'baccy', in turn derived from 'tobacco'.
I was going to roll a joint for my friends and I, and I asked one of them to pass me the bacco. This provoked much laughter.