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a one way ticket to the toilet, the hospital, or your deathbed. The majority of people won't even smell it, let alone drink it. If you like to enjoy your night slowly progressing from sober to buzzed to drunk, this is NOT your drink. If you want to help get the chick sitting on the couch into your bedroom, this is NOT the drink to use. If you want to showoff and think your a total badass, this is NOT your drink.

However, if you like to get very hammered, very quick, and for less money then most any name brand liquor, this is the drink for you. If you want to put that chick sitting on the couch over the toilet before you can even begin to spit your game, this is the drink to use. If your another hot-shot teen and want to think hair is being pulled out of your chest, and that your mister king of all liquors because you drink fire water, then this is probably your drink of choice. Believe me when I say this stuff will turn you into an old man with haste. However, I think it's a lot more badass to drink your friends under the table with a less harsh alcohol such as Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels, because then everybody's willing to join in on the fun.

To be honest, about the only time consuming 151 becomes a social activity is when you light shit on fire with it. It's more expensive then lighter fluid, but it burns longer and smells a bit better. I highly advise NOT to do this though. If the bottle catches on fire, you'll probably be like me and won't notice until your countertop is on fire because the bottle got spilled.

If you still choose to drink it, simply because you like to, then more power to you! I command a lot more respect for you then these hot-shot teens who think drinking 151 and everclear makes them awesome. There's some good tasting stuff in there if you haven't burnt your taste buds off yet.
Bacardi 151 is good for three things...showing how badass you aren't, lighting shit on fire, and guaranteeing you'll be waking up wondering where you are and why there's a dick on your face. However, if your smashed enough to ignore the fumes that linger in your throat, it actually tastes VERY good.
by maniacmechanic June 23, 2007
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Bacardi's hardcore shit, its 151 proof or 75.5% and WILL put some hair on your balls. If you have not had a bad experance with this shit its your turn, just dont die.
I chugged half a fifth of Bacardi 151, after throwing up fire I passed out for a few hours and when I woke up pissed gasoline.
by drunkassdave April 12, 2007
rocket fuel with food coloring
Bro 1- "did you spill some bacardi 151 in here?
Bro 2- "yeah..."
Bro 1- "whatever, just don't light a match in this room or we're all fucked."
by cohort_of_jazz February 17, 2009
An Alcoholic Drink that is very potent.
A small bottle is enough to get most people drunk.
Wayne: Oh Man I'm never drinking that again.
Mathew: Yeah Bacardi 151 is Devil piss.
Glenn: Oh look we have another bottle left over from last night.
Wayne. NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Get it away from me!*runs off*
by Flawless P June 06, 2006
A very high proof rum that is 75.5% alcohol, or 151 proof (hence the name). It is produced by Bacardi and is golden colored, contrary to Bacardi's popular Bacardi Superior which is a clear rum. Bacardi 151 is meant to be used in strong mixed drinks, and has a large flammable warning on the bottle with a special pouring top, however the warm sensation received from shooting it is like no other. Not for beginners.
Bacardi 151
by mabbam2 September 08, 2008
Bacardi 151 Holy Shit! More like Bacardi 911, amirite? This shit came stright from a gas pump. After a shot, vapors will burn your esophogus and evaporate out your mouth. Light it up a take a hit. This will spell disaster. It is 75% alcohol or 151 proof, hence it's name.
I took two shots of Bacardi 151 and decided it was quite disgusting
by Wasabimoto August 28, 2009
Gets it's namesake from an alcohol content of 75.5%, 151-proof. If you mix with just a bit of water, they might call you a pussy. I'd just call you sensible. And you'd be more likely to be able to make baby girl come if you do.
Half A Bottle Of 151
Off Of The Jug With Cup Of Malibou Rum
Baby Thats Whats Up
Then You Fill The Rest Of The Jug
With Pinapple Juice, And Its Crackin
The Only Defect Is Wakin Up Like "What Happened?"
- Tech N9ne - Carribou Lou

Bacardi 151
by NDizzzzle October 22, 2009

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