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The Scourge of all guys on out of state field trips.

It is when the chaperone asks you to keep an eye on the women to make sure the don't end up raped or drunk. Ususally gets pinned on one or two guys in the group, and drives them crazy especially when either the guys have a conscience or the women have no reguard for how hard it is for the guys to keep an eye on then.
How was yur trip???
Yeah i spent all night babysitting. . .
Sucks to be you dude.
by anon. April 19, 2005
15 29
The sexual act of defecating into another person's anus which is followed by the other person defecating back into the first person's anus.
I don't think there is enough alcohol in the world to get me to try babysitting.
by hobo2000 August 01, 2007
5 24
Owing something to the orignal meaning of the word, in computer-speak this refers to a computer process-- such as the installation of new software-- which the installer cannot or dare not leave, because the installation is not fully automatic and might require input from the installer during the install.
Computer Geek 1: "Lets go grab a Starucks, want to?"

Computer Geek 2: "Can't. I'm installing new software."

Computer Geek 1: "Oh, just let it install itself, automatically."

Computer Geek 2: "No, this software requires some heavy babysitting."
by david lincoln brooks May 31, 2007
6 48