Is a slang term for using non-medical marajuana.
Ben and Adam were in the the treehouse babysitting.
by Ben Michael Adams May 28, 2011
fighting bears! all day long
omg look at that babysitting CHAMPION!!
by underworld lord of water May 31, 2011
The event in which you have to be a chaperon to any girl even planning to get stoned at some point.
Bob: "Hey dude, I got high with amber the other day."
Joe: "Nice bro, was it fun?"
Bob: "You know how it is with chicks, I was babysitting her the whole time."
by UndercoverStoner February 20, 2011
Hot babes, hanging out casually with their younger boy companions. Babysitting them, taking care of them as a babysitter would.
Yeah I bought him smokes and coffee, babysitting him pretty much.
by full time babysitter February 07, 2011
when you hide your dead baby's from the police by sitting on them
there was an amber alert today so i ended up baby sitting all night
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
If a man nutts in someone's hand and they hold it. usually in a sexual act
A girl jerks a guy off and he cums in her hand. the sperm in her hand qualifies her as baby sitting
by tymer April 17, 2006
To be weighed down by the loser traits of a freind when trying to meet members of the opposite sex.

When you go to the bars with a freind and the friend not only cannot handle conversing with the opposite sex but requires passifying and baby sitting for some insecurty.
Friend 1: "Go on an talk to her!"
Freind 2: "Not yet, I am waiting to make my move. Uhmm, so my mom says if I am going to live at home, I have to pay rent. What a bitch!"
Freind 1: "Those girls are smiling at us. Come on. If you dont come I will go by myself."
Freind 2: "Dont go talk to them or I'll leave. Besides shes not that cute."
Freind 1: "Are you serious, she is a knock out.

Friend 2: "I feel sick, I am going home. You coming."

Freind 1: "We are fifty miles from home and you drove an hour to get here. Now you want to leave?!"

Freind 2: "So, my dad says if I mow the law, I get a reduction on the rent."

Friend 1: "Your turning 40 this month, the exercise from mowing will do you good. I'm going over to talk to her. Enough of this baby sitting."

Friend 2: "You obviously are not my freind like I thought or you wouldn't abandon me like this."
by Yehoshua611 October 16, 2007

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