A person who sits on a baby's dick.
My old babysitter used to sit on my cock when I was a 2-year-old baby.
by Marvin Johann Stamitz January 30, 2009
A person who not only supervises, but actually sits on the child making sure that her title is secured, while chewing gum and talking to her flavor of the week on the phone
Mom, I didn't know babysitters actually sit on people. Maybe they should be called baby watchers instead.
by Anonymity265 April 27, 2010
A woman who loves having sex with men that have a tiny penis aka they like to sit on the baby
Jeff - "Megan is so freaking hot, man! I wish I was well endowed, I'd totally show her the goods!"

Danny - "You're in luck my friend, the chick is a total "Baby Sitter", she loves the tiny stuff!

(freeze frame high five)
by Hannukah Bush March 18, 2014
Someone who doesn't like to drink there beer.
Luke you have been holding on to that warm ass beer for about two hours now. You are such a Baby Sitter.
by Derek T November 07, 2006
Someone who cares for children from birth generally up to 12.

Or someone who can't behave themselves on the job.
I was had an in-house babysitter named Warren, me and my friend named Joe had a quick 5 minute game of Monday Nite Football.

Warren came out of the office, saw us, and kicked our ass.
by Saints October 19, 2003
In the drug world, babysitter refers to 1.75 grams of illicit material, or 1/16th of an ounce. Derived from teenager, which is itself derived from "teeny," the diminutive of "1/16th."
Yo, can I swing by your pad and pick up a babysitter?
by Yon Yiminy Yon Yonson March 26, 2007
Baby sitters are a reference to your rims tires. They watch over your rims (your kids) just like a babysitter would watch your child.
MAN that fool John Brown sittin on 24 inch baby sitters.
by Big BING October 23, 2005
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