babysitting is defined as A junior/senior in high school that swoops up Freshman girls until they're used up. This action is also practiced by college LOSERS that can't pull a date their own age so they dive back into their old high school scene. Though I am a guy, I must admit this is mainly practiced by other guys...
1:Dude is that your date for the party? wasn't she a freshman when we GRADUATED?
2:yeah but she's graduating this year...and she puts out...
1:Dude you're BABYSITTING!!! Isn't it her bed time?
by 1337 34973 November 04, 2006 indure massive amounts of painful boredom, while watching an iratating little child for a set amount of time. reward is generally monetary. Pay is great in DE
2. (VERY RARE)to be alowed to participate in the emenslly enjoyable sport of sitting on young children.
i am going to babysit for 3 hours i will get $12 i return

Will you PLEASE let me babysit?
by irockusuck69 June 26, 2005
During the act of smoking, drinking, or something that involves sharing or passing around, the act of one person holding onto the item without passing. Usually happens to people new to weed or who haven't smoked in a long time and start rambling or are just greedy or naive.
Dude 1: Hey man, great story and all, but you babysittin' over there.

Dude 2: Oh my bad, I'm rambling, you know I haven't burned in a minute.

Dude 1: LOL. I know. But pass that shit mayne and don't baby sit!
by djluminus89 April 26, 2009
Not nesscessarily a bad thing, but its when your friend has a little too much to drink, or is way too high, and you just help them walk, or calm them down. Often practiced by the one sober person in the group.
I'm so glad you were there to babysit me, dude.
by HaaaaaaCHooooooooo August 02, 2009
In the drug scene, the person who has done the particular drug before and can watch the new drug users to make sure that they don't freak out.
Julia: I'm kind of nervous. I've never done shrooms before.

Robert: Don't worry. I'll be there to babysit you.
by Eriness September 02, 2007
Verd Intransitive:
1. To act as a babysitter.
2. To take care of.

Back-Formation from babysitter
We fired our babysitter because she spent all night watching our pay-per-view.
by Aloha October 04, 2005
to hold a freinds drink.
will you babysit while i go to the bathroom?
by ribbitboing November 21, 2006

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