When someone becomes to fucked up from smoking,Drinking,ext....They Lose Control of their neck muscles Causing the head to bobble around like infant thus the term babyneck
Frank just smoked the whole blunt and got that babyneck
by steveo34609 October 05, 2011
Top Definition
When you are so gone off the ganja, you can no longer feel your neck.
Fred:Why don't you get up and do something?

Jerome:Because I got that babyneck.
by nationalBabyNeckassociation November 16, 2010
The condition associated with the inability to hold your head up during an extreme level of highness. Leaning back on a couch typically resolves the problem.
Me: That couch looks hella comfy dude.
Graham: For sure dude, I got the worst baby neck right now.
by MarkyMarkWahlberg January 30, 2010
A defamatory term to describe a young and developing redneck (a.k.a. redneck in training).
"But he's only 15, why is he missing so many teeth?"
"Oh, he's just a babyneck."
by Christian Stovall April 02, 2006
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