A fully grown man that likes to dress up as an infant, and wear a bib and suck on his mothers tits.
Jeremy is a Baby Man, and loves dressing up
by Rogue Trader CS January 21, 2006
Top Definition
males ages 20 and over who act like they're still teenagers. could include any of the following traits: playing with girls' emotions, using Jesus to get what they want, graduating and not trying to get a job, and any other trait that would imply that the person known as a man is really a baby.
My friend only dates babymen. They just need to grow up.
by nomorebabymen August 22, 2009
A fully grown man that by all appearances looks normal. However, once you get to know him, you realize he's a big baby trapped in a man's body.
Mary: "Are you still seeing that guy James?"
Me: "No...after awhile I realized he was a big Baby Man. I handed him a tissue and called it a day."
by ptownshoegal April 26, 2012
a boy who is of a mature age and looks like a man but exerts characteristics of a baby.
a baby-man makes faces like babies do.
and they sometimes spit out already chewed food.
the gait of a person also atributes to the baby-man-ness.
babies also don't always know wrong form right so when you see a baby-man doing something he shouldn't don't blame it on him.
they way babies chew fruit.

a baby's first few steps are wobbly. a baby-man walk is almost like a waddle.
by mlemle December 11, 2008
a little person who thinks he is old and mature and can handle any thing that comes there way; a person who wants a strawberry
Sandro is a little baby-man cause he wants the strawberry
by shippo December 17, 2004
a bald man with a beard, sometimes posing as a lumberjack
"that baby man had a head as smooth as a baby's bottom, yet the beard around his lips was 100% man"
by fifi-pu August 15, 2009
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