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a hott girl with a fine ass,great shaped boobs,knows how to drop it like its hott..and is found very attractive to alot of boys.
(a boy)She is my babygirl.
by whitney December 11, 2004
101 101
A girl who you feel close to and who is a source of joy in your life. Your best friend who you shower with affection and protect. She's the girl whose tears you wipe away.
I wasn't there Babygirl, but I'm here. I don't know what to say I just hear
by Bubba2727 January 09, 2011
57 30
An adult woman who retains child-like qualities, particularly a little girl voice, and who seeks a father figure in her lover (Daddy), all this usually the result of stunted psychosexual development caused by early childhood sexual trauma/abuse, and/or a highly overattentive or underattentive father. These babygirls are drawn to older dominant men who will not only "keep them in line", but also nurture, mentor and pamper them. If her real father only showed her attention when punishing her, the babygirl will intentionally misbehave to earn this punishment (seen as love) from her Daddy.
A babygirl loves to please (and tease)her Daddy.
by Poet Daddy January 19, 2005
132 116
these are girls that can only be found once in a lifetime and are like rare roses just waiting to be picked up. They are perfect from every angle and are loved with great satisfaction.
by BABY BRY July 03, 2005
26 14
The nickname for the love of Ronan's life; Limelight Lovestruck. The girl he wants to spend forever with and loves with every fiber of his being. The girl he enjoys being dumb, cheesy, and immature around. The girl who amazes him in every way all the time. The person he can't seem to stop thinking about; his soulmate and one true love.
Yep guys, there's my babygirl.
by Ronan Blackly. O.o November 25, 2008
50 46
The most wonderful person that a guy could ever meet. Someone who means more than anything in the entire world.
Someone who is loved no matter what happens.
Sydney Smith is my babygirl.
by DanielF March 17, 2013
2 0
noun~ a babygirl is what every male desires. Babygirl is the prettiest woman at the bar. Babygirl is what other women wish they could be.babygirl is perfection in female form.
1)"Omg, i dreampt of my future wife last night bro." 2)"yeah, ive seen babygirl in my dreams to."
by bigalhorn November 18, 2013
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