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1. "babydickin'" is a term used by urban youth to describe someone who is being nervous, hesitant, shy, or holding back.

2. A person who is "Babydickin'" is being a "pussy" or wimp. Not stepping up the the plate.
When Maurice saw that his friends were hesitant to rob the liquor store, he proclaimed " Ey, yall niggaz is babydickin', get up in there, swipe dat register, and get me a 40'"
by Renvntngmyexit April 23, 2008
to simultaneously play the open A and D strings on a guitar and letting it ring out.
Person 1: (plucking the A and D string on a guitar)

Person 2: Mayne, you be babydickin' all da tyme!!
by drakep. March 08, 2009
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