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The generation of children born in the immediate aftermath of the credit crisis. Characterised by a trouble upbringing.
How disgusting, that guy is picking things out of the garbage and eating them.

Force of habit, he's a babybuster.
by geezerbloke October 02, 2008
someone who talks to ppl using retarted words that u would say to little kids so they dont pick up on swearin instead of just comin out and sayin words like shit, fuck, bitch.... etc...
person 1- u such an asshole, u need to shut ur fuckin mouth dick
person 2(baby buster)- listen here u meany u can just talk to the hand u butthead... i dont need this crap buster
person 1- u can kiss my ass dick
person 2- god ur a jerk, i dont like u
by micaela felter March 20, 2008
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