n. a form of gibberish uttered by individuals, often females, when encountering small or infantile humans and/or domestic animals. Vocal delivery is usually inflected in a higher pitch - falsetto.
She always speaks in babytalk around around her cat. She also uses babytalk around like-minded friends while passing by the mall pet store.
by The Meany July 03, 2003
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1. The cutesy gibberish uttered by:

a. Babies.

b. Adults talking to babies and pet animals.

2. The genesis of ebonics.
Some peeps' verbal skills are retarded because their families only talk baby talk to them. They never hear a complete sentence until they enter preschool.

Who knows what baby talk does to the minds of dumb animals?
by Downstrike May 22, 2005
A language that infants speak most times.
Baby: Gimmyae CRICUTS I need maiii baorara!!

Me: WHAT?!?

Baby: Yaarz harrrett maii! *head spin thing*

Me: I don't understand baby talk...

Baby: *sobsob*
by dametrah April 11, 2008
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