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NOUN: A yellowish/greenish brown substance with the consistency of a chocolate milkshake which occurs when motor oil and engine coolant/antifreeze mix together. One may discover baby shit on one's dipstick after blowing a head gasket or wearing a hole in one's front cover. Termed because it resembles actually newborn baby fecal matter. May also be called a milkshake.
At first when I discovered the baby shit on my dipstick, I thought I blew my head gasket, but it turns out my timing chain bracket broke, over time allowing the timing chain to wear a hole in the front cover of my s13. I was angry and sad. I cried.
by Daniy August 13, 2007
A chemical paint remover commonly used by the military that almost instantly cracks and dissolves paint. It is commonly used on welds that require NDI "Non Destructive Inspection". Since sanding can alter / hide cracks a chemical stripper is needed. It is called baby shit because it smells horrible and looks like a brown sludgy liquid similar to baby shit. Currently California outlawed baby shit making it harder for the military service members to do their job. A weaker less effective chemical stripper was made to take its place however it is pink and not as strong. Baby shit can burn / slowly eat away your skin. And is not rinsed off metal after stripping it can cause Hydrogen embrittlement. Baby shit gets the job done in a timely fashion.
Hey PFC Shoemaker put some baby shit on those welds so we can take it over NDI. Make sure you have your eye, respiratory, and hand protection on or else the AMO will yell at you like your murdered some one.
by karog December 11, 2007
Noun. A very soft bowel movement, usually green with a very foul odor. Can be associated with sharp pains to the stomach and burning around the rectum.
"Dude, I just took a dump and I've got baby shit."
by dcappy April 08, 2006
when you barely shit out anything
i just had a baby shit it was just like a teaspoon of peanut butter
by esg13 January 24, 2010
game types in halo 2, usually objective games, that are not fun to play or are stupid.

when some one in halo 2 has a bad host.
"why are we playing oddball on burial mounds, what is this baby shit."

"this is so laggy, this is a baby shit host"
by acoron May 03, 2008
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