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When a marine going off to Japan wants to have a child but not the affection or baggage of a "female".
"I have the child now, but she was my baby momma. That bitch!"
by its a grind beezies January 02, 2009
A girl you run back to when you runnin' low on the pu-tang
JaJuan: I saw you with Tymeka. Yall back together?

Mark: Nope. She just my baby momma. I don't love her tho.
by Clevalovah July 23, 2008
Someone who is wrongfully ignored because she is unattractive, annoying and loud....also is the woman who tricked a black man into getting her prego.
My baby momma pagin' me AGAIN?!
by Cricket September 08, 2003
niggah now a baby momma is when u have 2 guls and u get 1 pregnant and you with the other gul niggah
damn dawg i hit my baby momma up last night
by bLaZeD September 28, 2003