This is a cocktail... It includes expired yogourt, Pinacalada, vodka and some milk. This is all mixxed and then put into a condom where the person taking the drink stretches the condom out and drinks everything in it. This is part of the shame shot series. See also the Hairy Cocktail
Chris lost a drinking game and had to drink the absoloutely disgusting baby maker.
Chris : - "It taste like rat vomit"
by EdinieDePoPo June 21, 2011
When multiple men ejaculate into a women's vagina during intercourse.
"I performed a babymaker last night with the local soccer team, I never knew I could get that full..."
by eatinbabies June 08, 2009
An extremely hot guy. A prime male specimen you'd like to make pretty babies with, regardless of his personality.
Hmmm damn girl, did you see that babymaker?!
He's a jackass but we'd make the cutest babies! He's definitely on my babymaker list.
by Nikkinta November 17, 2014
Reproductive organ(s).
"Carful movin' that fridge, Pop - don't want you to throw your baby maker outta whack!"

"Did you hear about Sally? She had half her baby maker stuff cut out by the doc - all ate up with the cancer she was."
by danw December 22, 2003
(n) 1. A polite term for a male OR females reproductive organ.

2. Someone who has many, many children.

3. One who makes babies. (Often a prostitute)

(v) 4. The act of teabagging.
1. "Oh, you kicked him right in the baby maker!"

2. "Look at that baby maker over there. She's practically juggling those babies!"

3. "I'm going to head over the baby maker today to see what she has in stock. Do you need one while I'm there?"

4. "I can't believe he baby-makered my corpse!"
by ryan_teh_awesome October 20, 2005
1. A mans Penis
2. Sperm
3. Jizz
4. Cum
5. Man made mayo
I am going to get her pregnant with my big baby maker.
by XxStalkerxX August 11, 2008
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