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When complainers cry about something, they are normally whining for baby juice. Babies want juice, and juice is given to babies. Hence: Baby Juice.
Dude, quit complaining, you want me to get you some baby juice or something?
by Baby Master May 06, 2008
60 26
The fluid a man releases from his penis when he ejaculates during sex.
Eric let out a moan as he climaxed and shot his baby juice deep into his woman's pussy.
by andrew61 June 12, 2006
104 43
Babyjuice is a man's sperm.
Well looks like he sperminated her with his babyjuice.
by sugarmomma June 12, 2008
12 3
(n.)Fine female, or spouse.
'Damn Cuzzo, Look At Babyjuice Over There'
by un double April 06, 2009
1 4
When a task will be extremely easy to do.
"That test last class was baby juice."
by Junior8605 October 09, 2008
3 7
Breast milk.
Damn, I am so jealous of my new baby boy. He sucks all the baby juice and gets all the action and I get nothing!!
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 28, 2003
12 32