When complainers cry about something, they are normally whining for baby juice. Babies want juice, and juice is given to babies. Hence: Baby Juice.
Dude, quit complaining, you want me to get you some baby juice or something?
by Baby Master May 06, 2008
Top Definition
The fluid a man releases from his penis when he ejaculates during sex.
Eric let out a moan as he climaxed and shot his baby juice deep into his woman's pussy.
by andrew61 June 12, 2006
Babyjuice is a man's sperm.
Well looks like he sperminated her with his babyjuice.
by sugarmomma June 12, 2008
(n.)Fine female, or spouse.
'Damn Cuzzo, Look At Babyjuice Over There'
by un double April 06, 2009
When a task will be extremely easy to do.
"That test last class was baby juice."
by Junior8605 October 09, 2008
Breast milk.
Damn, I am so jealous of my new baby boy. He sucks all the baby juice and gets all the action and I get nothing!!
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 28, 2003
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