A female who still dresses as if she is in the 8th grade. Colored hooped earings with words in them, bright tank tops over collared shirts...although she may be mature, her sense of style is still very young.
Wth does she got on? she on her baby girl right now.

Is that baby phat...she's clearly on her baby girl.
by StinaAli November 14, 2010
A name given to a fragile or less than masculine male.
"Baby girl, go get me a soda."
by famousrf November 12, 2008
A girl that has stars, squiggles, underscores, and such written in her screen names, written in a capital letter, then lowercase letter, then capital again, sort of way. Often writing myspace captions in that manner with picture of them making kissy lips and peace signs.
Baby girls are often associated with people of the African-American and Mexican races.
I'm a baby girl=

by kaylakip October 08, 2008
the youngest girl of a family
that's baby girl.
by Ishbaby December 20, 2003
A term used by black guys referring to their fat white girlfriends
Ay baby girl, let me get the car why you at work tonite
by Miss Cranky I'll Kill a Bitsh October 27, 2008
Usually written on a shirt worn by huge black girls who want to feel better about themselves. These shirts are usually sold in mall kiosks by people who are too fucking lazy to get a real job.
"Your fat stomach is popping out from under your baby girl shirt."
by GoBrando January 13, 2007
a common nick name for a mexican girl the girl does not even have to be small, aften times the name seens to carry a ironic theme with it.(sence the bitch is like 450LB)
come to papa baby girl i promise when i quite slangin me and you are going to get married.

Baby girl is so mad at Joker for pinching her sack
by mike hickey October 08, 2006
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