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a giant sized clit
whoa her clit was so large it looked like a baby corn
by pretty_p April 11, 2009
a term used to describe a micro dick
Kolb's got a baby corn
by Eric Kolb January 03, 2008
A term of endearment to ones other half.
Also a foodstuff.
For Example;
Susanna: Hi Sweetie, how was you're day?
Michael: My day was great Babycorn, now come here and land one on me!
by David 'Dont Hassel the Hoff' October 19, 2006
A tiny dick, sometimes shaped like a semi-flaccid, but not necessarily so.
Marty: I love my man even though his dick is the size of a babycorn.

Melissa: Thanks for that visual. I sure won't be eating those off the salad bar at Coco's anymore
by mounted buck January 17, 2008