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One who is jealous, green with envy. They try to be on your level of greatness, but they SUCK too much to ever accomplish such a feat.
All these haters need to level up and stop acting like baby bops
by Bran_da_don April 14, 2010
Barneys Bitch
Barney: baby bop, u satisfy all of my sexual needs in front of terrified children. hence, you are my bitch
A beloved green and pink dinosaur from the TV series Barney and Friends who is a comfort item for many girls across America
Sutton: I never go anywhere without my baby bop!
by Laquantashaydaquisha aka Sam January 15, 2009
to over exaggerate a story; act out something someone just said.
"we should chase baby bop"
"yeah BABY BOP COME BACK HEREEEEEE" ::flails arms and acts like shes running::
by babybopper May 25, 2009
a short indian person who likes pink and likes PIKEs
Baby bop is going out with another Pike frat boy
by DONTEVENWORRY April 23, 2004