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1. a person, usually American, born during the "baby boom" of World War II.
2. the individuals who (myopically)dominated American culture up to at least the end of the Clinton era.
(also: Boomers)
"Isn't it frigging amazing how the Beatles and Led Zepplin and the Grateful Dead and Paul Simon and all those '60's bands get so much play time?"
"Not really. They're all baby boomers."
by roger the fabricator February 05, 2004
1. Someone born in or who helped give birth to children in the post-WWII era.

2. One who presumebly booms babies.
1. Harry over there was a baby boomer.

2. I am a baby boomer. I own a bazooka.
by Alex \m/ April 22, 2008
Alot of old fucking people
Dude 1: i hate fucking sundays
Dude 2: cause you gotta go to church dude?
Dude 1: no, because of all the fucking old people going to church!
by Knav May 07, 2005
a person born durn during the increase in births after WWII
The baby boomers are aging and will soon be old, dramtically increasing the potential number of patients with dementia.
by The Return of Light Joker November 28, 2007
People born (1946-1964). A generation that was around to see the Watergat scandal, hippies, black rights movement and the moon landing. Often the generation that changed the way we looked at American culture.
Madonna, Tom Cruise and Bill Gates are considered the richest Baby Boomers in the world.
by AJV14 December 20, 2007