Generation of Americans born between 1946 and 1964. Associated with Hippie]s, the environmental movement, the typical Baby Boomer was raised on the culture that the government will give him/her whatever she wants or needs in life. Being raised with the nanny state] mentality, Baby Boomers are the leading factor to the disappearance of personal responisbility, spending beyond one's means, and the physical and moral degeneration of the family in American culture.
The generation that was born and raised during the Great Depression helped build America to greatness. The Baby Boomers came in and destroyed it.
by Dan May 24, 2008
Spoiled, arrogant, and self-absorbed, Baby boomers will try to convince you that they are the "greatest generation".

Baby boomers seem to be stuck in the 1960's and are convinced that the art of music peaked in that era, and therefore think highly of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and The Doors; yet they think Classical Music is "crap".

Baby boomers are self-conscious and insecure about their own advancing age, so they address 20 and 30-somethings as children and teenagers in order to feel "young". They marry, and even have kids, with people more than half their age. They also drive around in sports cars in a laughable attempt to act "cool" and "with it", despite the fact these same people have no grasp on modern technology.

Baby boomers tend to call Gen X and Gen Y "lazy", "entitled", and "stupid", and act like they are perfect despite the fact the boomers had everything handed to them, as opposed to their parent's generation, who had to suffer through the great depression and WW2, and their children (Gen X and Y) who have to suffer through the worst economic downturn since the depression, which the boomers are responsible for creating in the first place with their whole "me me me" attitude.

Baby boomers can't accept the fact their generation is becoming irrelevant. They refuse to retire and pass the torch to the succeeding generations. Because if they had their way, they would be in control of politics and big business until they are all dead.
Example #1: Baby boomers were against the war in Vietnam in the 60's, but SUPPORTED the war in Iraq in the 2000's.
Example #2: Baby boomers are the main reason for the problems in the world today.
Example #3: Baby boomers are bitter because they are now seniors.
by Disgruntled Gen-Xer April 30, 2014
The people who say our generation is the dumbest generation, yet their generation caused a global economic meltdown. It wasn't the Millennials buying up houses they couldn't afford and giving those loans out. It wasn't the Millennials racking up enormous credit card debt and creating a society based on material goods. (Despite their former Hippie days where they spurned materialism, these baby boomers have become the most materialistic generation).

They will suck us dry with exorbitant Medicare and Social Security costs, leaving no social safety net for those who are under the age of 40 as of 2010 officially screwed.

They will talk ten kinds of shit about how our generation is entitled, but recent research suggests we may be the most frugal generation since the 1930s due to the financial crisis that baby boomers started.

The people who make up the vast majority of Teabaggers and rail against the obscene spending they spurred on and even engage in on a regular basis. Thus, it is reasonable to assume these former far-left wingers and idealists are trying to reform society into their dystopian vision still held over from their Hippie days.
You can thank the baby boomers for destroying the society the Greatest Generation created.
by nbakuchev October 02, 2010
The generation that cost tax payers about seven billion dollars over teen pregnancy.
He knocked you up again? You baby boomer bitch.
by Lilylu April 04, 2010
an older person who has sex with much younger people.
That woman is such a baby boomer, shes 21 and hes 16.
by omgitsjacky October 30, 2007
A generation full of misinformed teens who became pregnant over a lack of love & attention with their childhood. Contrary to popular belief, having a child will not make you happy unless there is a solid foundation.
A child in the baby boomer generation? Sounds expensive... perhaps the last thing you would want during a recession.
by Fleurdelis February 25, 2010
1. a person, usually American, born during the "baby boom" of World War II.
2. the individuals who (myopically)dominated American culture up to at least the end of the Clinton era.
(also: Boomers)
"Isn't it frigging amazing how the Beatles and Led Zepplin and the Grateful Dead and Paul Simon and all those '60's bands get so much play time?"
"Not really. They're all baby boomers."
by roger the fabricator February 05, 2004
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