Top Definition
someone who is a whiner.
a friend who doesn't want to do something because he's scared.
a pussy.
You're a baby back bitch.
by Kashif Mayes September 19, 2007
Young, petite, and attractive Asian woman.
My health club is full of babybacks.
by HeavyPooner April 29, 2005
Nonsense, craziness, illogical. A lie.

A nicer way to say 'bullshit;' or sometimes paired with 'bullshit' for dramatic effect.
"Neeka said if I wanted some ass tonight, I had to take her to a nice dinner first!"

"What? That's straight baby-back! I hope you didn't spend a dime on that!"

"I feel you, man. But I took her to Wendy's and tricked half my paycheck on two combos. Then when we got back to my spot, she told me she was on the rag!"

"Are you shittin' me??? That's some ol' baby-back bullshit! I wudda did her in the ass."
by The Chayster September 07, 2008
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