A needy useless blob of flesh
ugghhh this baby crys for everythiiing
by ahhyeeeaaaah(; July 17, 2011
worst std you can possible get
by Rock The Solution November 30, 2010
A conglomeration of rolling layers of cuddly fat with noxious liquids emanating from every orifice
Oohh - I don't want to hold the baby - it stinks!
by coachtim December 10, 2009
1) A word used by women to convince significant others to do chores by giving them a false sense of sexual desire.

2) A word used in a sentence to test a significant others vocabulary of obscene and vulgar words

1) "Baby.... will you please take out the trash"

2) Woman: "I think we should have a baby"
Man: "God Damn It!"

Woman: "I am pregnant! Were having a baby!"
Man: "Awe Fuck!"

Woman: "The baby is crying"
Man: "Son of a Bitch"
by VLeudy July 11, 2008
a unit for measuring water roughly equivilant to 0.87 gallons.
I have to pee so badly! I just drank a baby and a half!
by babydrinker June 07, 2009
a word used if u see a good looking male or female ..its very simple
"dayum ciara is a baby"
"look at him ...he a baby"
by jamalya September 20, 2006
A pet name for a boifriend/gurlfriend
Aww dat's my baby
by Baby Gurl December 15, 2003

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