a monster that pisses shits cries keeps you up all night and destroys things
I don't want this baby
by HooperScooper July 09, 2016
Someone who is really messy and spills everything
My baby is a mess, she can't eat her food properly
by loverboy133 January 09, 2015
This word has more meanings.

A An infant, younger than 12 months.

B Your boyfriend/girlfriend, if you like him/her much.

C Someone acting like a little child, or a crybaby.

D A word that appears in most songs' lyrics.
A That's a cute baby!

B Hey baby, wanna go on a date?

C Stop being such a baby!

D Baby, baby, baby, ooooooooooooohohohohoh
by WordExplainer January 08, 2014
The buds in a bag of weed. Usually said so that people don't know that you're actually smoking weed.
Man - "Damn all I have left is this baby"
Passerby - "Oh my gosh that's so sad, where is the little kid?"
by tokedgirl42 April 12, 2009
1) A pile of cells that cries.
2)The reason for cancelling trips.
4)Devil's essence.
5)My shampoo.
6)Robert Pattinson's hair.
7)Ingredient for Matza.
1) My baby didn't let me sleep last night.
4) Yo, Lucifer, what cologne did you yuse? -Baby.
5)Your hair smells so good! Did you use something new? Yes! I am using a new baby.
6) This baby is on fire! Call 911!!!!!
by theamazingraceforbubblesammich January 05, 2015
A conglomeration of rolling layers of cuddly fat with noxious liquids emanating from every orifice
Oohh - I don't want to hold the baby - it stinks!
by coachtim December 10, 2009
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