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A baby is parasite a girl usually receives after having unprotected sex.
Girlfriend: Im being attacked by a parasite.
Boyfriend: Eww, where'd u get it?
Girlfriend: You.
Boyfriend: How?
Girlfriend: You know how, i'm gonna name the baby Taylor.
by Theat kid that one time June 25, 2009
13 10
A term used to describe a burrito that is >= 2 earth pounds, or more generally, a Chipotle burrito
That baby I ate for lunch was fanTAStic!

"Baby! The other, other white meat! Baby! It's what's for dinner! Get in my Belly!!"
by MikeyD Mike December 09, 2008
7 4
The perfect thing to say when there's nothing else to say. Originated from the theory that a gay baby is born during an awkward silence. "babies?" is a great conversation starter.
joe: how's life?
bob: good.
joe: good.
*awkward silence*
bob: babies?
joe: i like them.
by ooqmq August 22, 2009
3 1
This word has more meanings.

A An infant, younger than 12 months.

B Your boyfriend/girlfriend, if you like him/her much.

C Someone acting like a little child, or a crybaby.

D A word that appears in most songs' lyrics.
A That's a cute baby!

B Hey baby, wanna go on a date?

C Stop being such a baby!

D Baby, baby, baby, ooooooooooooohohohohoh
by WordExplainer January 08, 2014
1 0
The buds in a bag of weed. Usually said so that people don't know that you're actually smoking weed.
Man - "Damn all I have left is this baby"
Passerby - "Oh my gosh that's so sad, where is the little kid?"
by tokedgirl42 April 12, 2009
4 3
1) A word used by women to convince significant others to do chores by giving them a false sense of sexual desire.

2) A word used in a sentence to test a significant others vocabulary of obscene and vulgar words

1) "Baby.... will you please take out the trash"

2) Woman: "I think we should have a baby"
Man: "God Damn It!"

Woman: "I am pregnant! Were having a baby!"
Man: "Awe Fuck!"

Woman: "The baby is crying"
Man: "Son of a Bitch"
by VLeudy July 11, 2008
12 12
A needy useless blob of flesh
ugghhh this baby crys for everythiiing
by ahhyeeeaaaah(; July 17, 2011
4 5