A baby is parasite a girl usually receives after having unprotected sex.
Girlfriend: Im being attacked by a parasite.
Boyfriend: Eww, where'd u get it?
Girlfriend: You.
Boyfriend: How?
Girlfriend: You know how, i'm gonna name the baby Taylor.
by Theat kid that one time June 25, 2009
A term used to describe a burrito that is >= 2 earth pounds, or more generally, a Chipotle burrito
That baby I ate for lunch was fanTAStic!

"Baby! The other, other white meat! Baby! It's what's for dinner! Get in my Belly!!"
by MikeyD Mike December 09, 2008
The "adorable" pet name your girlfriend calls you by. The only reason you put up with it is either sex or you find it sexy to be called an "annoying-dreamkilling-crying-shitmachine"
Girlfriend : "Baby, can you put the garbage out?"
You : *Inner thoughts: 'baby+garbage=sex'* "YES!"

Girlfriend : "Baby??"
You : "Oh yeah call me a poopsterbating dreamkilling shit machine, I like it like that"
by Ew! January 24, 2015
The perfect thing to say when there's nothing else to say. Originated from the theory that a gay baby is born during an awkward silence. "babies?" is a great conversation starter.
joe: how's life?
bob: good.
joe: good.
*awkward silence*
bob: babies?
joe: i like them.
by ooqmq August 22, 2009
Someone who is really messy and spills everything
My baby is a mess, she can't eat her food properly
by loverboy133 January 09, 2015
This word has more meanings.

A An infant, younger than 12 months.

B Your boyfriend/girlfriend, if you like him/her much.

C Someone acting like a little child, or a crybaby.

D A word that appears in most songs' lyrics.
A That's a cute baby!

B Hey baby, wanna go on a date?

C Stop being such a baby!

D Baby, baby, baby, ooooooooooooohohohohoh
by WordExplainer January 08, 2014
The buds in a bag of weed. Usually said so that people don't know that you're actually smoking weed.
Man - "Damn all I have left is this baby"
Passerby - "Oh my gosh that's so sad, where is the little kid?"
by tokedgirl42 April 12, 2009

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