a baby is 63 gs of coke, its 16 babies in a kilo 1008/16=63
i sell a baby a day

"in the hood we got them babies"
-waka flocka

""whoopin them babies"
-rick ross
by ant197271 April 27, 2011
What most teens think is a trend is actually them getting knocked up with one of these bundles of joy.

what you call one you love.
16 year old girl and boy:Lets have sex ( opps no protection boy comes inside anyway)
girl: oh no im gonna get pregnate we should keep the baby :)
boy: oh yeah ill be here the whole way and well be a family.
girl goes into labour: wahhhhhhh congrats...
boy: this is to much its over

girl: damn your father he left uss i should of wated and not been a little ho in my teens!!
by cek32 October 24, 2010
A young inexprienced dumbass especially a teenager who thinks that they know everything about the damn world but don't know shit.
Any grown ass person that is lacking maturity and responbility in thier life
Morgan Freeman: Ok Sams Im going to go back on my word just this once and let you back into my school because you're still a baby and you don't know shit.
Father: You think you're a man now son
Son: Im 18 and I do what I want to
Father: Remember one thing son as long as you're in my house and you're in high school your'e still a baby dumbass
by AJ Dunn February 27, 2009
Average human male in denial
1.It ain't me, Babe.(Dylan)
2.It ain't my babe.(Spermdonators anonymous)
by Felisol March 07, 2005
A baby is parasite a girl usually receives after having unprotected sex.
Girlfriend: Im being attacked by a parasite.
Boyfriend: Eww, where'd u get it?
Girlfriend: You.
Boyfriend: How?
Girlfriend: You know how, i'm gonna name the baby Taylor.
by Theat kid that one time June 25, 2009
(1) throwupmobile as in throwing up for every occasion
Damn that baby barfed on me again.

- a coin drops blaaaahhhhh
- a car drives by blaaaaahh
- a hobo asks for money - blaaaaahhh
by CobraBytez December 01, 2003
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