An annoying miniature human that cries at all hours of the night. No matter where you hide your things, it will find them and then destroy them.
the baby just broke my gold necklace!!!
by Lala678 March 13, 2008
last years fun on wheels....(when in a stroller)
Henry: Hey is that your baby?

Mary: No, its last years fun on wheels.
by Brenanner February 20, 2006
a name used when trying to use a pick up line, or picking someone up
hey there baby....
(by the way this line usually doesn't work)
by danny August 29, 2004
A word used to describe your best friend who you love more than anything
I love Sara. She's my baby.
by CookieMonster86 May 10, 2010
4.5 ounces of powder cociane AKA 1/8th of a Kilo.
Yo Dog... Let me get a baby.
by Nims66 August 18, 2008
A girl who is not of age yet.

Under 18 years old.

"Jail bait"

If an older guy tried to holla at her or have sexual intercourse, most likely he would be placed in jail and would have to register as a pedophile.
Guy: Hey girl, how old are you?

Girl: I'm 13.

Guy: Oh damn, you still a baby.
by Lovelle September 03, 2007
1. Something said during sex
2. The gayest pop song ever.
3. A word used alot in the coolest pop song.
4. A young human.
5. A way in saying someone is whining about something.
1. Oh yes, baby, yes!!!
2. Baby, Baby , Baby ooooooh - Justin Bieber
3. Give me a sign, hit me baby one more time - B. Spears
4. Aww your baby is soooo cute!
5. Dude, quit being such a fucking baby.
by hahahahahano November 23, 2010

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