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Individual Ounces of Weed
Got a whole pound, but i still serve the babies!!
by bumbaclot4220 September 08, 2011
boy+girl+relationship+intercourse+sperm+9 months=baby or could be.. stupid curious teenagers+no condoms=std or..a human baby
one fact:everyone started out as babies.
by sowhatifisaidthat November 18, 2004
commonly mistaken for a woman's name
for some reason a lot of skeezy guys think this is my name
Skeezy guy: "hey baby!"
me: "that's not my name. Why do people keep calling me that?"
by queenofdirt November 30, 2003
A term used before a word to describe it as small or little....
Man she got a baby booty.
translation: her butt's small.

Did you see that baby beater he was wearing?
translation; did you see that small wife beater he was wearing?

girl 1: Look at him tryna show off his muscles for that lil light skinned girl!
girl 2: girl dont even trip. She dont want him.. he has a baby body!
TRANSLATION: He has a small body frame and/or no muscle
by Cookie Da Boo September 03, 2008
1) It's what's for dinner!

2) the other other white meat!
I want my babyback babyback babyback babyback babyback ribs.... Chili's babyback ribs!


Tell ya what Doctor Evil... You can keep your money. But I get the baby
by Questionable authority April 23, 2009
Newborn, infant.

A name of endearment.
Marsha; Baby-Hon, take your break

Saints; walk away and takes her break

What a cute baby!!!

What's her name?
by Saints September 20, 2003
Someone who handles lifes obstacles like an infant or teenage boi rather.
You are being a baby Dana.
by Dirrrty mix June 28, 2010