A term used before a word to describe it as small or little....
Man she got a baby booty.
translation: her butt's small.

Did you see that baby beater he was wearing?
translation; did you see that small wife beater he was wearing?

girl 1: Look at him tryna show off his muscles for that lil light skinned girl!
girl 2: girl dont even trip. She dont want him.. he has a baby body!
TRANSLATION: He has a small body frame and/or no muscle
by Cookie Da Boo September 03, 2008
4.5 ounces of powder cociane AKA 1/8th of a Kilo.
Yo Dog... Let me get a baby.
by Nims66 August 18, 2008
boy+girl+relationship+intercourse+sperm+9 months=baby or could be.. stupid curious teenagers+no condoms=std or..a human baby
one fact:everyone started out as babies.
by sowhatifisaidthat November 18, 2004
Our future !

Make as many as possible, for the survival of the species, and to germinate our superior genetics !

They are a pain in the ass when they're newborn, but at around 3 years old, they become so cute they'll make you want to have another !!!!
"You're so crazy, I'm about to have your baby."
by handle187 November 07, 2003
commonly mistaken for a woman's name
for some reason a lot of skeezy guys think this is my name
Skeezy guy: "hey baby!"
me: "that's not my name. Why do people keep calling me that?"
by queenofdirt November 30, 2003
Newborn, infant.

A name of endearment.
Marsha; Baby-Hon, take your break

Saints; walk away and takes her break

What a cute baby!!!

What's her name?
by Saints September 20, 2003
1) It's what's for dinner!

2) the other other white meat!
I want my babyback babyback babyback babyback babyback ribs.... Chili's babyback ribs!


Tell ya what Doctor Evil... You can keep your money. But I get the baby
by Questionable authority April 23, 2009
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