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1. An infant between 1 day-1 year old

2. A term of enderment used by couples

3. An adjetive for an immature person

4. A calling men and women use for good looking people
1. "Meaghans baby is a girl"

2. "I love you so much baby"

3. "So what if I took your job? stop being a baby"

4."Hey baby! Come over here!"
by Alyssa Feliciano November 27, 2005
89 35
the tail end of any sentence which will convert that sentence into a line of a song.
you look like hell, baby
you're looking swell, baby
there's something I should say, baby
I have to go away, baby
by germinate August 01, 2005
78 28
1. An infant.
2. Some one short, small, whiny, stupid.
3. A Girlfriend/Boyfriend.
4. A friend.
5. An exclamation of joy.
1. Oh look at the baby!
2. What a baby..
3. I love you baby.
4. I want some apple drink baby.
5. I got a C- baby!
by .po March 06, 2008
47 17
1. A tasty treat.
2. A blunt object used to hit things.
Damn, that baby was delicious....
by Ben Kurth March 07, 2005
131 103
The word that your boyfriend calls you when he wants something from you.
Boyfriend: Baby...
Girlfriend: Yes, honey?
Boyfriend: Can i borrow five bucks...?
by ImAllOverYouu February 25, 2009
43 18
A career woman's worst nightmare
Doctor: Mrs. Madison, you're pregnant.

Woman: WHAAAAT?!?! No! This can't be! I don't have time for a baby! I'm a lawyer. I make $110,000 a year! I have a career!
by Tanauthority May 30, 2009
36 12
Our future !

Make as many as possible, for the survival of the species, and to germinate our superior genetics !

They are a pain in the ass when they're newborn, but at around 3 years old, they become so cute they'll make you want to have another !!!!
"You're so crazy, I'm about to have your baby."
by handle187 November 07, 2003
72 53