endearing term that can be used for either sex
Baby lets go out to the movies tonight
by Dawn June 15, 2002
1- Endearing term/Nickname for signifigant other

2- Noun. an Infant/Newborn created by unprotected sex. Whether on purpose or by accident.

3- name used when trying to use a pick up line.

4- name used when trying to call them out for not doing

5- term called out during sexual activities.
1- Awww, thank you baby, I love you.

2- Did you hear Staceys having a baby!?

3- Hey baby, I lost my number... can I get yours?

4- Your such a baby, I knew you couldn't do it.

5- oooo baby... OH! don't stop!
by LoOpYiNnOcEnCe December 15, 2005
the worst STD known to man.
Did you hear about Allie? Yeah, I heard she caught baby.
by Angel April 18, 2005
1. An infant, the result of unprotected sex

2. A term of endearment

3. The other other white meat
1. The baby's crying!

2. Hey baby

3. Baby! It's what's for dinner!
by Nikki May 09, 2005
The result from a broken condom. Also a bundle of joy...until you realize that they are bomb full of smelly substances, and are capable of exploding at any moment.
oh shit, fred, were having a baby.

Man, this baby just peed all over my nice new blouse!
by Ciderow July 24, 2006
the absolute worst STD you can get. they will stick to you until death.
"hey i heard bill got an std from jen."


"no, babies."
by urban asshole February 19, 2010
Person: nickname of American film actress Lauren Bacall, given by her (then) boyfriend, actor Humphrey Bogart, in recognition of her youth in relation to his own age.
Bogart once famously quipped "Whatever Baby wants, Baby gets."
by speedog May 27, 2010
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