Clones or seedlings of marijuana plants, in early stages, usually prior to final planting location.
I need to pick up some bigger pots so I can transplant my babies.
by snowridah June 20, 2009
whining, smelly, drooling little parasites.
Save the earth, abort babies now!
by m July 14, 2004
poop machines.

"Want a free poop machine?"
"Hell no, if you mean babies.."
by Jackthe Ripper July 24, 2008
smaller-than-average lines of cocaine, often consumed after much coke has already been blown, to push you over the edge of feeling good
Yo Mike, let's just do 2 more babies and we'll be perfect
by Patti Lips April 01, 2007
A term used to describe a man's sperm.
usually used to when talking about women giving oral sex to a man.
I wanna spray babies in your face
by the guy hoo made the def. May 13, 2006
Precious gifts from God that should be cherished.
Psalm 127:3 Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.
by Cate September 02, 2003
A good source of protien.
Im'a make a baby shake!

Step 1: Put the Baby/Babies into the blender.
Step 2: Set blender on "Watery Chunks"
Step 3: Drink/Eat/Chew untill compeletly comsumed.

by Timmy J. Fonz September 26, 2005

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