horrible little creature things. words cannot describe how i hate them. wah wah, crap crap, cry and shit/puke in your face all day. i personally hate them with a passion.use a condom, use a pill, anything. and if an unwanted child does get conceived - get an abortion. it is not worth it. as the world is over populated already, were all just killing ourselves with these fucking 'babies' ...
"stop making babies"
by babies hater December 07, 2006
A term used to describe one's partner by secret paedophiles.
Come on baby, lets put you to bed so I go look at newsgroups.
by Gumba Gumba April 04, 2004
To be high on cocaine.
We was chasing the white poodle all night, and we got so baby it was ridiculous.
by Peter D May 24, 2007
money: dough, cheese, cake, dinero, that green
"You broke as shit"
"No, I got baby!"
by unknown86 November 11, 2005
excuse to punch your girlfriend in the stomache
My girl said "were gona have a baby", i said "no were not, fuck you bitch" and punched her in the stomache
by jens clark January 28, 2008
Hot chicks! (very butiful women)
In a bar-
man 1- My baby!
man 2- No, mine!
Saddam Hussien- Shut up! On the telephone I din't mean that she was my 6 doll, I ment she was my 6 wife!
by Saddam hussien April 28, 2003
a nice fat ass
Wow! That is 1 hot baby
by Anonymous June 22, 2003

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