Another word for awesome or crazy, in a good way.
"That Skrillex show was babies!"
"Your new jacket is absolutely babies!"
by mattyjoe December 28, 2011
verb to throw up in your mouth
John: Can you picture Ms. Horowitz in a swim suit?
Sarah: Oh, God, just the thought makes me want to baby.
by jermajesty November 24, 2006
an adj used to call someone who is immature or to call something that is fake EBONIC TERM
Oh Boy... That boy soo baaaby. OR That is so baby.
by playa April 06, 2005
MMMM-MMM Veronica's son tasted mighty fine!
by Shiteater July 26, 2003
1.To get extreamly high and the resulting transformation into a BABY. you want food, warm comfortable spot to rest, and sometimes breast milk
2. Weed
-I want to get baby high
-So lets go smoke some baby
by anonymous February 23, 2005
horrible little creature things. words cannot describe how i hate them. wah wah, crap crap, cry and shit/puke in your face all day. i personally hate them with a passion.use a condom, use a pill, anything. and if an unwanted child does get conceived - get an abortion. it is not worth it. as the world is over populated already, were all just killing ourselves with these fucking 'babies' ...
"stop making babies"
by babies hater December 07, 2006
A term used to describe one's partner by secret paedophiles.
Come on baby, lets put you to bed so I go look at newsgroups.
by Gumba Gumba April 04, 2004
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