A member of the rap group Big Tymers
A.K.A. Birdman
When it comes to the cars baby is that nigga. g-a-g-a-guchi with the matchin interior.
by travis December 05, 2002
A really expensive toy that can get you in Jail
What the f**k you're having a baby??? I am F**king F**ked!!!
by Mr. Pretty Good July 08, 2009
screaming crying creature, often confused with spanners, tractors, potatoes, and hostages.
they killed my baby!
by fairy nuff September 20, 2003
term for a cute guy / girl
na man he finks he's baby but he aint nothin
by unknown March 23, 2005
A quarter ounce of weed.
TI lyrics

"Take $1250 go get you 2 and a baby"
by thawhiteshadow December 03, 2007
The other white meat!
Bebeh! Its wuts fer deener!
by Militant Liberal April 27, 2005
1: A hot sweetie always ready for a ridin
2: What to call a fine, horny boi or gurl who's fucking you well
1: Cum here Baby
2: Ohh, give it to me Baby
by ;) June 06, 2003

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