A pet name for a boifriend/gurlfriend
Aww dat's my baby
by Baby Gurl December 15, 2003
An outrageously expensive blob of flesh that is completely helpless for eighteen straight years.
A baby is anything considered human and has not celebrated their eighteenth birthday yet.
by uiaGrfgeg08tyw09thpohsioh February 04, 2010
The worst kind of STD
Dude 1: Hey man I fucked my g/f and I caught a baby...
Dude 2: Is there a cure for that yet?
Dude 1: Yeah...a clothes hanger
by see jay August 10, 2008
prey of the cunning gingers
get your baby out of the way!!! Ginger ahoy!
by sebastiancee October 30, 2007
Goes well with ketchup.
"That's some mighty fine baby."
by El Sanchez April 09, 2007
More welfare money for you.
Sam Williams and Emily Williams made 28 babies so they could get money.
by SAMANDEM February 03, 2005
what happens if you don't use contraception
Liz: *giving birth* ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Will: sigh. shouldn't have thrown away that shiny condom
by Lax4lifee August 15, 2011

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