A term used to describe a burrito that is >= 2 earth pounds, or more generally, a Chipotle burrito
That baby I ate for lunch was fanTAStic!

"Baby! The other, other white meat! Baby! It's what's for dinner! Get in my Belly!!"
by MikeyD Mike December 09, 2008
The other white meat!
Bebeh! Its wuts fer deener!
by Militant Liberal April 27, 2005
1: A hot sweetie always ready for a ridin
2: What to call a fine, horny boi or gurl who's fucking you well
1: Cum here Baby
2: Ohh, give it to me Baby
by ;) June 06, 2003
Its whats for dinner;the other white meat
I eat a baby!
by your mamma March 05, 2003
meal that can be eaten
Babies for breakfast!
by i eat babies February 03, 2003
Horrible little creatures from 'God' (if there is one). Retarded people think they're cute. What's so cute about a little machine that cries, pisses and shits everywhere?

They're also the cause of suicide. See post-natal depression.
I'm never going to have a baby. I want a life thank you very much.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 21, 2006
a hairless pussy...better than a brazilian!
I got my wax done and I got a baby done!
by tgleason March 10, 2006
Another word for awesome or crazy, in a good way.
"That Skrillex show was babies!"
"Your new jacket is absolutely babies!"
by mattyjoe December 28, 2011

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