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Exceptionally large turd.
1st dude - Wots up with you man, your lookin pale and all sweaty.
2nd dude - Just dropped a baby's arm, fukin drained me. Lend us your phone, gotta warn the treatment plant.
by street smeg May 11, 2005
San Diego slang for a large, flaccid penis. Derived from the similarity in size and curvature to an infant's arm. Also called "baby's arm holding a pear".
"When she unzipped my jeans, I showed her the baby's arm."
by Brick September 14, 2003
Slang for a huge penis. Sometimes used in conjunction with various fruit to add to the size implied, most commonly apple or plum. Ex 1- His penis was so big it looked like a babys arm holding a plum (or apple).
That guys penis was so big it looked like a Babys arm holding an apple.
by babysarmwithapple August 04, 2009
The massive boaby of Obid0n, drummer with popular beat combo Subbuteo Pitch Invasion. A man who is so well-endowed and great in bed that when he's done even the neighbours need a smoke.
'Bloody hell, Obi-huge-boaby, that's what I call a baby's arm!'
by Maria Callous July 11, 2006
Noun. Short arms caused by a genetic defect. Used as a greeting or farewell.
"Baby arm."
"Baby arm. Where ya been?"
"Good luck. Baby arm."
"Baby arm."
by mikeyddddd April 15, 2005
when you wake up in the morning and have a boner.
when i woke up this morning i had a baby's arm
by Matt B. December 21, 2002