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Refers to the person on a film set who tends to and coaxes babies or children to perform for the camera.
The baby wrangler tried everything, but the baby kept crying.
by zrusilla May 11, 2004
The manager of a large group of engineers. This collection of social inbreds requires massive amounts of attention to all of their petty needs. While they may be able to solve complex technical problems, the trade-off is that they struggle and ultimately flounder with the most basic day-to-day tasks, e.g. remembering to tie one's shoes, tuck in one's shirt or that all of your co-workers may not appreciate canned tuna as a choice of cologne.
Brian. Brian thought that he could make a difference by becoming engineering manager, only to find out that 99% of his time would be spent as a baby wrangler.
by Mike UntIsWet May 02, 2008
One who makes sweet love to a pregnant female human being.
"Dude was so hard up for some ass, he ran all up in his 8-month pregnant girlfriend. I can't stands me a baby wrangler."
by Rob Wright November 22, 2005
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