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Baby porcupines almost made it into Martha Stewart's coveted (amongst sentient spices) "SPICE-OF-THE-WEEK". Alas the sample was tainted by porcupine smegma, denied it's rightful place in the annals of spice history, and eventually turned to drugs and bad music to ease the pain of looking like a cross between Steve Buscemi and a chernobyl survivor. This substance is now known as baby porcupine juice
I was trying to sautee these baby porcupines, because they go good with fried friendly whale, but the randy little wanker's got their baby porcupine juice on my hands...Ack! It tasted like a combination of bleach, Zima, and Barbara Bush's neck...now please excuse me while i rinse out the taste with napalm.
by thatdamnbored November 29, 2005

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