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The cutest animal (not human) in the whole world,
especially one that is round and squishy (a.k.a. muffin-esque)
Me: Who's a baby muffin?
Cat: Meow?
by serendipitous.k July 03, 2008
25 3
a nick name for the cutest boy in the entire world.
also see:
perfect, gorgeous, amazing.
caitlin loves her baby muffin!
by caitlinelizabeth October 30, 2007
18 12
an infant muffin, not having yet gone through pan puberty. when you add more eggs and milk to the batter.] still infantile.

i.e.- theres alson elderly muffins.
bring me some some baby muffins, hoe!
by murrygee December 06, 2007
11 12